Keep calm and carry on
Carry on banging on
About Britain first
British made
Make Britain great again
Could it get any worse
Are we cursed to walk this earth
A citizen of nowhere
Scared of the Go Home van
Chauffeured by a sick man of Europe
Pick a plan to stir up debate as
Death to traitors
Bang bang bang
All haters now
England’s dreaming
England’s dreaming
Not a single shot fired
Yeah right
An empire born to fight and flight
All back to mine
A bit of what you like
Nice to see you, to see you
Can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs
Which begs the question
Are we still in this together
Is Britain still broken
Forever and ever
Nah, the people have spoken
Better together
Better together
Never forget
Unpatriotic Remainer
In the free press
Blame and detest
Enemies of the people
Illegally alive
Who decides
Who lives and who cries
At a baby on the beach
Age-test his teeth
He might be the elite
And I might need a Queen’s Speech
To give me some relief
Speak to me about anguish and bad lasagne
Sad sandwich
Rule Britannia
Britons never never never—
Never trust anyone that owns a yacht
They’re all dickheads and despots
Knock knock
Who’s there
Old mods and rockers
And their apocalypse of cocks
For gobstoppers taste divine
A good time bent copper
Dial 999
Don’t forget the poppers
No highs
Just work
To barely get by
A perk of the job
A genocide of chemsex and zombie knives
Tempest in the headlines
Intellectual rights
Rhyme nor reason
Why Instagram and not pounds and ounces
A blue passport
Safe as houses
Cept for the gay stuff on the browsers
The dark web
Eat sausages
Which begs the question
What does Brexit mean?
Brexit means Brexit
And we’re going to make a success of it
Bringing back the ’60s
Swinging neighbours
And a cat-bin lady
And an assortment of other Quality Street crazies
Getting their kicks off Dailies
GIFs and Royal baby pics
So cute it makes me sick
How many times do I have to tell you
Your dad doesn’t like polenta chips
He likes sausages
Black pudding
Fried bread
Breakfast in bed
For an inbred island race
And yes we’re all racist
Embracing poppies, parades
The beautiful game and good old days
When you could say
What’s on your mind
Thine is the kingdom
A come dump
Poundland slump
A booty bump
A G for all
The old after all
Voted take back control
So do as your told
We want Help for Heroes
Not puffs on PrEP
A yodel-ay-hee-hoo
To those free at last
To return to a post-fact past
All back to mine
A bit of what you like
Nice to see you to see you
Give us a fiver
I’ve spoken to the guys in finance
And unfortunately we are unable to offer a fee
No bovver, guv
I work for free
I work for free
It’s all good
To go on my CV
To me
To you
To me
To you
To the back of the queue
If you’re a refugee
You’re little or no use
To Golden Team GB
Where children in need
Are homeless and hungry
Knowing there’s homes empty
Food in skips
We be prosecuted
Feeding kids instead of the landlord
Nah, no more landlords
I will not keep calm and carry on
Living within their means
Singing God Save the Queen
She’s going to need all the help she can get

Recorded March 2017, published June 2017. Buy.
Sequel to British Values off our album Illegal Emotions (2015).